Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT) has 3 campus: Dongfeng Campus, Longdong Campus, Higher Edu. Mega Campus . The accommodation fee range is from 2200.00 8000/6 months/person, 16000/year/person to 8000.00 8000/6 months/person, 16000/year/person. You can book different types of rooms in Guangdong University of Technology online on CUCAS easily.

  • Be sure to book rooms well in advance, for the room numbers are limited.
  • Students' off-campus living should be permitted.
  • Your friend can only visit you at 8:00 am to 10:00p.m  
  • You can move in before registration day with unlimited duration.
  • We don't have campus hotel, but there is a 7 Days Inn nearby.
  • You should pay your accommodation fees at least by month, the Longdong campus should pay one semester’s fee at one time.
  • You can move in before registration.
  • You should pay your accommodation fees by cash, and your tuition fee and other expenses by cash or by card.
  • At the first time you move into our dormitory ,you should pay one month’s  fee and two month’s deposit fee.
  • Degree student’s room is the same as Chinese students.

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